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Display • Video • Audio • Native • DOOH

Step into the realm of smart advertising with Stick & Tin's programmatic solutions, crafted explicitly for RV dealers. At its core, programmatic advertising is about automating the ad buying process, ensuring your RVs get the spotlight they deserve, across the right digital channels, at the right time. Here's how we rev up your online presence:

Programmatic advertising accounts for 82% of all advertising spend. Are you missing out?


Discover the digital trail to your ideal buyers with Stick & Tin’s tailored display advertising solutions. Our in-market targeted display smartly navigates the online realm to connect with individuals actively on the lookout for RVs, ensuring your ads echo their adventurous spirit.

Through site retargeting, we weave a digital reminder of your brand, rekindling the interest of visitors who have previously engaged with your website.

Our geofencing technology is your local compass, sending inviting ads to potential buyers’ devices as they step into a defined geographic vicinity, drawing them closer to your dealership.

Stick & Tin's display advertising is more than just a showcase; it's a bridge between your RV dealership and the roaming hearts yearning for the open road. Unveil the potential of finely-tuned digital engagement, and watch your dealership become a magnet for RV enthusiasts.

In-House Production Available

*Sample production shown. Full customization available.


Venture into the evolving realm of advertising with Stick & Tin’s Over-The-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) advertising solutions, meticulously curated for RV dealers. As the tapestry of media consumption shifts, OTT/CTV advertising emerges as a trailblazer, establishing a potent touchpoint between your RV dealership and the modern, screen-savvy consumer. Here’s a glimpse into the unparalleled advantages it unfolds for RV dealers:

  • Open Access: Unmatched quantities of available inventory across smart TVs, computers and almost any mobile device.

  • High-Impact Visuals: we design custom, inventory focused videos on demand.

  • Cost Efficient: serve more targeted ads to the right audience. Stop wasting spend on inefficient nightly news and run of network.

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